Different Types of Mattresses Used in Luxury Hotels

Different Types of Mattresses Used in Luxury Hotels

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When you decide to put up in a 5-star hotel, you’re making a huge investment. Comfort, cosiness and luxury – these are the 3 things you’re paying for. Along with the different services you’re planning on getting, a night of good and comfortable sleep is something you will look forward to.
The majority of 5-star hotels use good quality mattresses to give a pleasurable sleeping experience to the occupants. You can have the same comfort at your home by buying the best hotel mattress in India. Search for the same online or visit the best mattresses dealer in town and get hold of the same.
For this, you need to know the common types of mattresses that luxury hotels generally use.

3 common types of mattresses used in hotels

Innerspring mattress

This is a common choice for the majority of hotels in India. The springs are placed in such a way that it provides superior sleeping experience. This mattress provides a comforting and cosy feeling and is built with unique support technology. Moreover, there is aerospace in between the spring mattresses, and hence these mattresses are breathable. Once you lie down on them, you might want to cancel the rest of the trip! The mattress will hold you back and keep you glued to the bed.

Latex mattress

These mattresses are made from the natural source of latex. However, they are not frequently used in hotels. They are expensive, and hence unless you plan to check into a 5-star hotel, you’ll rarely find a latex mattress in a normal hotel. They have high comfort levels, and they can help support your body weight easily. Moreover, latex mattresses are good for people with back pain and othro problems. Hence, book a 5-star hotel next time you go for a holiday, and you will surely experience the comfort of a latex mattress.

Memory foam mattress

These mattresses are the most commonly used ones in all types of hotels. The composition of this mattress makes it special. These mattresses have unique body support technologies and a comforting, supportive layer on the same. Thus when you lie down on the same after a tiring day, you’ll sink into the comforts. The unique property of the mattress enables you to adjust to your body shape. Moreover, the excess heat from your body gets absorbed if you start using memory foam mattresses. These mattresses evenly distribute the body weight, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.
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