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Super Comfortable mattress

West Bengal

Stress free sleep!
What can i say about this mattress? It’s heavenly. So much comfortable and no body ache. Loving the experience. I lie down and sleep like a kid!

Sateesh Kumar

I wanted relieve stress and buy mattress from them as they use stress relief technology. It is vrygud technology. I enjoy my sleep.

Tina Acharya

Bought an orthopaedic mattress a few months back. They eased my body ache. One of the few companies who provide what they claim. I am completely satisfied with their product. Their mattresses offer the perfect blend of affordability, luxury and comfort.

Binita Kothari

Comfort And Quality
The orthopaedic mattress is very comfortable, and the fabric is soft to the skin—brought changes in my abrupt sleeping pattern.

Ameer Khan

Must buy for great sleep! I bought d Adapt mattress nd my back pain is gone! Dont know what they use, but it’s excellent. Highly recommended.

Paramjeet Kaur

Want to buy a high-quality mattress at affordable prices? Try GetRest.

Ruchi Ahuja

I hv been doing a lot of research on different types of mattresses. But when I bought the ProAdapt from GetRest, my life changed. Such comfort!
Unbelievable! They use the ultimate sleep in technology that gives grt support to your body.

Samarth Mehta

No more waking up at night, I am waking up early. Bought the luxadapt mattress.

Biswajit Balakrishnan

Choose GetRest if you want to buy mattresses which will not only let you enjoy a sound sleep every day but also treat back pain. I have been using their mattresses for the last few months, and the result is much better than I expected.

Ayan Acharya

The mattress is fine but it would had been the best if had more cushion. Overall, a good product at that price.

Shalina Chabra

I love my dog and buy a mattress from Getrest. Quality was good. I like it. Buy it for your dog.

Johar Joshi

Comfort and Luxury
I was looking for a comfortable and luxurious mattress and bought the LuxeAdapt Mattress from GetRest. The result was as expected. Company uses sleep technology to make mattresses. They are affordable, beautiful and soft. Best mattress I buy till now.

Arun Singh

Buy! Buy! Buy!
Have been using this for 1 year. No problem at All! They use PureCool + technology. It’s an awesome feeling. Everyone must buy.

Supriya Kumar

Buy it if you have back pain.

Rita Bose

Nice one!
Cosy, soft and firm – all at the same time. Good one!

Alok Sen

I had bought a mattress from GetResta few months ago. The product is indeed very comfortable. The only thing I found odd is the smell of the mattress. It might be because of the fabric used.

Rishi Jay Dhawan

I am using this mattress for a long time. They have correct firmness, softness and tenderness. Have suggested ppl 2 buy mattress frmGetRest. Nice company. Value for money!

Sai Prithvi

Did Magic To My Back Pain
I had tried a wide variety of mattresses in the last few years before I bought the ProAdapt Mattress from GetRest and the result was indeed magical.

Priyadarshan Biswas

My doggy love the matrress. He sleeps good very night. Soft to touch.Low price.

Debrata Acharya