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Foam Vs Spring Mattress – Which is a Better Option?

Foam Vs Spring Mattress

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Choosing the right type of mattress is a daunting task nowadays. Whether you buy a mattress online in India or you visit a shop for the same – you’ll surely get an ample number of options to choose from. However, it would be best if you matched your sleeping needs and sleeping position before you decide on buying a particular mattress. Out of the huge variety, foam and spring are the two major mattresses that are always high in demand. These mattresses have their own set of pros and cons, and hence, it’s better to conduct a bit of research before you decide on buying the same.

Traditionally spring mattresses are the ones that are used by the majority of households. They have the simplest designs and are the most affordable ones available in the market. However, over the years, different forms of luxury mattresses have evolved. They are more comfortable and durable, and technologically upgraded to conform to the body curves.

Before you decide to buy either foam or spring mattresses, check out the following differences. With the right type of mattress, you can enjoy a peaceful night.

What are the differences between foam and spring mattresses?

Sleep position support

Foam mattresses are a good choice in case you’re a side sleeper. They are soft and do not support body weight. On the contrary, the spring mattress is a better option if you’re a back sleeper or sleep on your stomach. The innerspring installed within the mattress ensures that the body weight is supported for longer throughout the night.

Spinal support

Foam mattresses are the best choice if you’re suffering from any spinal issues. They maintain excellent spinal alignment. Spring mattresses might not be the best choice for spinal alignment but are good for backache and pain relief.

Affordability and durability

Foam mattresses are usually higher in price than the others; however, a spring mattress is the most commonly bought item and is generally cheaper. However, it is better to purchase a spring mattress as it requires low maintenance. Hence, at a low cost, you can expect a good mattress. However, foam mattresses also require a lot of maintenance in the long run.

Odour and temperature

Foam mattresses have cooling technology installed however they are petroleum-based products; hence you might experience a gas odour. On the contrary, spring mattresses are odour-free mattresses and effectively absorb the heat from the body.

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