Sleep is something we shouldn't compromise on, and that's why we've taken care to use only certified raw materials and maintain top-notch quality in every GetRest mattress.

To back up our claim, here's a comprehensive list of all the mattress certifications we've earned.


ISO Certification

GetRest mattresses have achieved ISO certification, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. ISO certification is a seal of approval from a third party body that a company runs to one of the international standards developed and published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


BIS Certification

GetRest mattresses have earned the prestigious BIS India certification, guaranteeing their superior quality and adherence to strict industry standards. The BIS certification indicates third party, i.e. BIS assurance of any product's quality, reliability, and safety to the customers. The BIS is involved in several activities like certification of products, standards formulation, testing, hallmarking, calibration scheme, etc.


LGA(Landergewerbeanstalt Bayern) Certification

The LGA Certification is administered by TÜV Rheinland AG, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. The test checks the compliance of the mattress with the DIN EN 1957 standard. The raw materials used in GetRest mattresses are certified by LGA.


Stork Certification

Stork, a Fluor Company, ensures that plants and industrial installations continue to operate properly and safely by constructing, maintaining or modifying them. The raw materials in GetRest mattresses have earned Stork certification, guaranteeing that our factory machinery adheres to the highest standards.


Oeko Tex Certification

Confidence in textiles tested for harmful substances often known as Oeko-Tex standards. It is a global testing and accreditation scheme for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles. It is the leading label for textiles that have been screened for harmful substances. The raw materials used in GetRest mattresses are certified by Confidence in Textiles ensuring they are free from harmful substances


NABL Certification

GetRest mattresses are NABL certified, ensuring quality and reliability. Certified by India's National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories, they meet rigorous standards set for Conformity Assessment Bodies, guaranteeing a trustworthy sleep experience.


Indian Doctors Association Certified

GetRest mattresses have earned certification from the prestigious Indian Doctors Association, reaffirming their commitment to quality and health. This certification acknowledges the mattresses' exceptional standards in providing optimal spinal support and pressure relief, promoting restful sleep by the approval of medical professionals, GetRest ensures a trusted and comfortable sleep experience.

Euro Latex

Euro Latex Certification

European Latex Foam Manufacturers developed the Euro Latex ECO-Standard for a latex foam mattress in close cooperation with TFI, Germany. This standard stipulates the maximum acceptable limits for harmful substances that can be found in Latex mattress cores. GetRest mattresses uses Latex that adheres to this certification voluntarily to bring verifiably safe products to customers.