100 Nights Trial

100 Night Trial for all Mattresses

We believe you should sleep on your mattress to decide if you like it, so we give you up to 100 nights to try it in your own home. If they don’t work out, we are here end of the night!


  1. The GetRest Adapt, ProAdapt, LuxeAdapt & AlignMate are the only products eligible for the 100 Nights Trial.
  2. The 100 Nights Trial is valid for the first 100 nights after delivery. In case of a swap between different models, the 100 Nights offer will be still calculated from the Day 1 the first mattress got delivered.
  3. The 100-Night Trial is only valid on standard-size goods. The 100 Nights Trial Offer does not apply to products that are not conventional sizes (Custom Size).
  4. If the product comes under Exception to Return/Refund under 100 Nights Trial, the Return and Refund on 100 Nights Trial offer will not be valid.
  5. Our 100-Night Trial offer is only valid for first-time buyers of genuine GetRest products from www.getrest.in
  6. Only one return per family per year is allowed under this policy.
  7. As evidence of purchase, please keep a copy of your purchase invoice. Without it, Raghava Coirs Private Limited / GetRest retains the right to deny any claim under the 100 Nights Trial Offer.
  8. If you choose to return an item, you must provide images of the item(s) you are returning. If you don’t share the appropriate photos, your return request might be cancelled.
  9. Return requests must be made directly with Raghava Coirs Private Limited / GetRest before the 101st day after the date of delivery of the mattress for which a refund is sought.
  10. Returns will be inspected and picked up within 7 days of raising a return request.
  11. Once the products have been picked up for return, all refunds after deducting the logistics costs will be credited within 15 working days.
  12. Raghava Coirs Private Limited / GetRest has the right to refuse anyone linked with a mattress manufacturer/brand the 100 Nights Trial Offer.
  13. Raghava Coirs Private Limited / GetRest will make the final decision on refunds under the 100 Nights Trial offer. If a request does not meet the terms and conditions of the 100 Nights Trial Offer, the firm maintains the right to decline it.
  14. Any disputes, if any, are solely subject to the jurisdiction of West Bengal.

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