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4 (Easy) Nighttime Stretches to Sleep Better And Quickly

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GetRest strives to deliver its customers better sleep so that they wake up fresh and feeling positive. There are several things you can do to achieve this. Including maintaining a gratitude journal, eating almonds, drinking chamomile tea before sleeping, and taking a warm bath.

In this post, we will share a time-tested habit that can improve your general well-being in several ways. You will learn about light stretches that you can do before going to bed that makes you fall asleep quickly. Ready?

Let’s get started!

  1. Hug yourself

Inhale calmly and extend your arms like you are about to hug someone.

Exhale while touching your right shoulder with your left hand/palm and your left shoulder with your right hand/palm.

Take a few, deep normal breaths in this stance wherein you’re hugging yourself tightly. Loosen your arms.

Then repeat the mentioned exercise five times.

  1. Legs up

This one you can do on your bed. Find out how you can go about it.

Lie down on your back. Breathe calmly.

Slowly start folding your knees and touch your glutes with your ankles.

Now breathe in deeply and lift your legs so that your toes are pointing towards the ceiling. Breathe out and breathe normally while counting to 10 in that same position.

Breathe out and slowly bring your legs down.

Rest your legs on the surface, count to 10, take a few normal breaths, inhale and slowly fold your legs to repeat the exercise again.

Repeat this at least five times.

  1. Neck rotation

A simple nighttime stretch, you can integrate it into your everyday before-bedtime routine.

Stand up straight with relaxed shoulders.

Breathe out, lower your head, and touch your chest with your chin.

Breathe in and rotate your head from left to right.

After one complete rotation, when your chin is touching your chest, breathe out. Then breathe in again and repeat this exercise at least five times.

  1. Child’s pose

This is a famous yoga pose, recommended for better digestion and sleep.

Breathe in. Fold your legs and sit on the heels.

Keep your knees shoulder-wide apart.

Breathe out, extend your arms in front, and then lower your upper body to have your chest fall on the thighs.

Rest your head on the mattress in front of the knees. Count to 10 while breathing normally. Then breathe in and resume your initial pose.

Repeat the exercise three times.

Start performing these stretches before going to bed every night. You will sleep better and quickly, waking up the next day feeling fresh and energetic.

Let us know if you found this blog post helpful. Share it on social media and help others as well.

In addition to bedtime stretches, what type of mattress you sleep on plays a crucial role in how well you rest. Browse through the mattress collection of GetRest and buy the one that best fits your needs. Get a 100-night trial.


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