Ways Online Mattress Shopping Is Better Than Offline Stores

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What do you look for when shopping for a mattress online? The key thing is how it feels when you lay on it. However, when buying it online, you’re likely hesitant since you can’t touch, feel or physically see the mattress. That said, there are numerous benefits of buying mattresses online.

Before moving forward, let’s understand the factors you look for when you buy a mattress online.

How It Feels in Touch

There is a preconceived notion that when selecting bedding/mattresses, it is important to touch and feel the products prior to making a purchase. However, it is better to debunk such myths! Deciding on the comfort level/durability and other functional aspects of a mattress cannot be rightly done by sitting and/or bouncing on it, feeling it with your hands or lamely lying down on it for 10 to 15 minutes. These things are unnecessary and can mislead you to take a wrong buying decision.

There are 2 things to understand here:

  1. What’s the difference between when you touch the mattress and when you sleep on it?
  2. Can sleeping on a new mattress for a few minutes help you make a decision?

What’s The Difference Between When You Touch The Mattress and When You Sleep On It?

Pascal law states ‘pressure is equal to force per unit area’. This applies well with mattresses. When pressure is applied on the mattress by pressing it with our fingers, it is much higher than when our full body is put across the mattress.

For example, let’s assume your weight is 70 kg. When you sit on the mattress, your surface area is small so the pressure you’re putting on the mattress is much higher. The foam will compress much more. In comparison, when you sleep on it, your 70 kg of weight is uniformly distributed on the mattress; the pressure would be much less. The foam wouldn’t compress as much.

The objective of identifying this difference between touching the mattress and sleeping on it is that the softness of that mattress shouldn’t be established by just pressing it with your hands. It would be easily compressed as opposed to sleeping on it.

Can Sleeping on a New Mattress for a Few Minutes Help You Make a Decision?

Let’s go a bit technical here. Mattresses made of any material – cotton, memory foam, latest, coir, spring, foam, and more – all have a break-even point, which the individual has to find out.

Our body takes time to adjust to the new mattress. It requires time to adapt to the sleeping surface. FROM the first day TO the day when our body is properly adjusted to the mattress, that’s the break-even period. It is only after this period can we be able to tell if the mattress is really good for our body and posture or not.

For example, spring mattresses are luxurious and soft. You may sleep on it for a couple of weeks. But when your body breaks even between anywhere 1 and 3 weeks, you might discover that sleeping on a soft mattress is not good for your body posture.

This issue is generally taken care of when you shop for a mattress online. Several brands now offer trial periods. So, you not only get to touch and feel the mattress but also spend some time on the mattress to understand its suitability for your body.


It’s well-known that when you buy mattresses online, you not only get affordable price but also additional discounts, which further lowers the price. In contrast, buying from an offline store can be quite expensive. And this affordability comes without any compromise in the quality department. You get your mattress delivered quickly; at times, the best luxury brand mattress manufacturer in India even offers same-day delivery.

Biased Salesman at Offline Stores

There’s no mattress in the world that’s “best” for every individual. Everyone’s type is unique based on their sleeping cycles and patterns. You should ideally sleep on the mattress and test it instead of going with the sales pitch made by the salesman at offline stores. While reading reviews of customers who have used the product can be helpful, it is on you to find out whether or not the mattress suits you.

To conclude, buying a mattress online gives you more liberty to experience the sleeping surface and accordingly make the decision. It is more flexible, affordable, convenient, and favorable as opposed to the biased sales pitch and high prices at the offline stores. So, buy the best Luxury Mattress in India online and take confident strides towards healthier sleep patterns.


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