Do You Need Help Choosing a New Mattress? (5 Factors to Consider)

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Looking to buy a mattress? But don’t want to go to the store? Today, you have more options than going to a mattress store. A lot of people now choose to buy mattresses online through different retailers – and you can do it too. At an online store, you can compare different mattresses and get one at a highly competitive rate. But don’t rush now! Before you purchase a perfect mattress for yourself, there are several factors that you should consider in that decision-making. Here are some of those factors that you should attend:

  1. Comfort– This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a mattress. Memory foam is renowned to provide pressure relief since it adjusts to the body’s contour. Remember, if the mattress is too firm, it can cause pressure points, which subsequently reduces blood circulation, resulting in the feeling of pins and needles. The same is just as true if the mattress is too soft. When something like this happens, you start tossing around on the bed that hurts the quality of your sleep. So even when you get 8 hours of sleep, you still feel tired because you didn’t get “quality sleep”. As a general rule, when you are testing a mattress, see if you can sleep in one position for several minutes without moving or tossing. If you can, it’s a good mattress for you.
  2. Proper Alignment– Your body doesn’t remain in a straight line when you sleep on a mattress. It curves! If the surface is too firm, your hips and shoulders will be pushed forward and your spine will not be on a straight line. This could result in back problems if you sleep in this position for a long time. If you change your position, in this case, it will affect the quality of your sleep. Similarly, when the mattress is too soft, even in this case your spine won’t be aligned properly because your body would sink into the surface. Ideally, you want a mattress that adjusts to the shape and weight of your body; you want a mattress that properly aligns your spine and offers required support to the shoulders, neck, back, and hip.
  3. Warranty– This is a basic factor you must prioritize. Many manufacturers or brands offer a warranty of 10-25 years, covering common defects. Find out how much warranty you’re getting with your mattress and what this warranty period will cover. Understand all the terms and conditions.
  4. Motion Isolation– If you share the best with your partner, a foam mattress is highly recommended due to motion isolation. Many foam mattresses offer this feature, which basically isolates motion and prevents it from being transferred to the other person on the mattress. This ensures that if you or your partner moves on the bed or gets out of it, the other person won’t be disturbed. At GetRest, we recommend couples test the mattress for this feature before buying it.
  5. Temperature Neutrality– Heat retention in mattresses is a common complaint of many people. Although many foam mattresses do include features to address this problem, many mattresses from different brands still retain heat. This makes the person sleeping on the mattress feel hot. This is why you want to avoid going with a cheap quality mattress. Instead, take your time to find the best memory foam mattress that has modern features that reduce heat and offer temperature neutrality to the sleepers.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, get the trial of the mattress. If you’re buying it in a brick-mortar store, lay on it for at least 10 minutes to find out if it’s comfortable. If you’re buying a mattress online, check the trial period of that store, as well as its return policies. At GetRest, we offer a 100-night trial. So, you get months to see if that’s the right mattress for you. Check out affordable GetRest products. Buy the mattress today and enjoy discounts.

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