How Mattresses and Body Pains are Linked?

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Looking for a cure for your chronic pain? Admittedly, even when it affects millions of people around the world, treating chronic back pain is difficult. To get even the slightest bit of relief from this problem, many people hunt for the perfect mattress. And rightly so! The likes of foam mattresses can make a significant difference in helping reduce back pains and aches. Foam mattresses can also prevent this problem emerge in the first place.

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Why do You Need to Avoid Bad Quality Mattresses?

Sleeping on an uneven surface can result in back pain. If you already have orthopedic problems, this can worsen your condition, causing further body pain. On the mattress, when your body sinks in too deep, your joints are positioned out of alignment. This subsequently makes sleeping uncomfortable.

Similarly, sleeping on a flat and firm surface can be just as bad, interfering with the spinal cord reaching its proper pressure when on the mattress. In fact, a few years back, many doctors would recommend sleeping on a very firm surface. In recent times though, studies have established that people who sleep on firm mattresses get the poorest quality sleep.

Latex mattress or memory foam mattress is considered to be the best mattress that offers pain relief. If your mattress is thin, you will very likely experience back pain because of this. A high-quality mattress will have a luxurious build to absorb your body’s shape. This conformity of the best high end mattress in India enables your hips, shoulder and other wider parts of the body to comfortably sink into the surface – all the while ensuring your neck and waist don’t sink in very deep. This creates a more natural body position on the mattress that doesn’t put any pressure on the spinal alignment. It allows the muscles to relax. You can easily buy such high-quality mattresses online at a good outlet that also offers trial periods. You can buy the mattress and try it for a few weeks to ensure it truly delivers maximum comfort.

Cause of Back Pain

There are many factors that can cause chronic back pain. Maybe you got an injury or there’s an occupational strain. Sleeping on an uneven surface mattress can worsen this problem. Further, sleeping on a poor-quality mattress for years can also be a cause of back pain; after all, you spend about 7-9 hours of the day on this mattress.

Back pain can also affect the quality of your sleep. It can come in your way of having a deep and satisfying sleep. The pain can cause interruptions during sleep. And when this happens, it can quickly take a toll on your health, affecting both your physical and mental health.

Along with back pain, even those struggling with hip problems need to choose the right mattress. They need to invest in a superior quality mattress that adequately supports their hip sockets and avoids any pressure. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are a go-to option here for people experiencing hip pain.

Buy the Right Mattress

According to a study, 78 percent of people once past 50 years of age start experiencing hip pain. Many people, including young people, consistently struggle with back pain. Getting the right mattress can be the ultimate solution for this. Soft foam can conform around your body parts, giving them sufficient support. They can absorb any movement you make in changing your sleeping position, delivering you a more consistent experience. They are more responsive that ensures you don’t feel stuck.

So, do take your time and find a good quality memory foam or latex mattress for your overall good orthopedic health. The right mattress can help resolve your back and hip pain, providing you a satisfying sleeping experience.

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