How to Make Your Own Mattress for Ultimate Comfort?

make your own mattress

You spend about 8 hours of the day on it. And if you’re one of those who work from home from your bed, you likely spend the majority of your day on your mattress. This is why the quality and comfort value of the mattress matters so much. A poor-quality mattress can result in not just orthopedic health problems but also various other issues. For instance, not being able to sleep comfortably and with peace can reduce your productivity and performance. It may even affect your mental health.

So, you need the right mattress that packs all the features per your distinct needs and requirements to provide you a comfortable sleep. At times though, you may not find one such mattress in the market – and this is where you should take the matter into your hand. Meaning? Make your own mattress.

Choose The Right Options

You know your needs and preferences better. You know exactly what makes you feel comfortable. This makes making your own mattress more sense. You can choose the specs of the mattress – right from the size and base to comfort and support layers – per your comfort requirement. This is now a much-preferred route for customers looking to buy mattress online. And should, too, follow suit. The chances of you getting the right mattress this way are much higher.

Size Matters

Start by first selecting the size of the mattress. Move ahead to choose the base of the mattress; whether it be of foam or spring.

The Support and Comfort Layers

Thereon choose your support and comfort layers. The comfort layer of the mattress includes 2-4 layers, primarily helping relieve pressure, redistribute body weight, and thereby ensure higher comfort. Under the comfort layer is the support layer that primarily ensures proper spinal alignment. It could include two layers made of different materials. In choosing your comfort and support layers, you want to make sure that the surface of the mattress is soft but at the same time adequately firm.

Cooling Technology

Also, see to it that it has cooling technology built into it so that you stay cool even after laying in the same position for hours.

In the end, choose a fabric for the mattress and place your order. It’s all about knowing what kind of experience you want from your mattress and then choosing the right options accordingly.

Where to Make Your Own Mattress?

There are several mattress brands in the market that offer make-your-own-mattress solutions. GetRest is one of the most recognized names. Committed to delivering customers the finest quality mattresses that check all the right boxes, we offer Make Your Own Mattress solution that’s end-to-end in scope. Choose from multiple options and truly make a mattress from scratch that best fits your needs. At GetRest, we don’t just offer our customers more options but also empower their choices. Create your own mattress today and place your order. For more information or any assistance, please get in touch with us.

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