Half and Half Mattress: A New-Age Solution for Those Who Share Beds

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You love your partner. But they don’t necessarily have to like the same things or have the same needs, as you. Maybe they prefer a soft mattress, which suits their sleep and comfort level better. In contrast, you want a slightly firm mattress that supports your orthopedic health. Does this mean you two have to sleep in different rooms or have two separate mattresses for each? Not likely… Not at least if you have half and half mattresses.

A Delight of Both Worlds

Half and half mattress is a new-age solution for people who share their bed with others. Be it your partner or sibling, their needs may way. They may prefer a different type of mattress than what you want. Half and Half mattress cater to both the requirements with its modern built. One side of the mattress is firm and the other half is relatively soft. Made using memory foam, both sides of the mattress are uniquely designed and engineered with AirFlow technology that enables circulation of air in the mattress, thereby allowing a cool and comforting experience to people sleeping on it. In many cases, when you’re making/customizing your own mattress, you can change the firmness of either side. The standard half and half mattress has 80 percent and 50 percent firmness on the left and right sides.

Gift Yourself (And Your Partner) a Perfect Mattress

Make sure no one compromises or “settle” for a mattress that they don’t like. Half and Half mattress has got you covered with dual-firmness. With its incredible built, which also includes MultiZone Support technology that provides refined back support, you’re assured of ultra-comfort with this mattress. At GetRest, we bring the best quality Half and Half mattress at a competitive rate. Place your order today and get free, no-contact delivery. We also offer a 100-night trial. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it to us. Plus, all our mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. For more information, please contact us.

Did you know 9 out of 10 GetRest customers say they have less back pain after sleeping on our mattress?

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