How to Look After Your New Mattress?

memory foam mattress maintenance

You should invest in a good quality mattress irrespective of the size and style of your bed. So, having a proper understanding of how to choose the right mattress is very important and helpful. If your mattress doesn’t provide adequate support and comfort, you can’t get proper sleep, which will subsequently affect every aspect of your life, right from work to relationship.

But that said, buying a good mattress alone isn’t sufficient. After you have purchased, you should ensure to take proper care of your mattress to intact its longevity and performance.

Yes, mattresses too require care and maintenance.

Here are a few easy tips to take proper care of your new mattress:

  • Keep An Eye on Liquid Spillage– To ensure your mattress lasts longer, you have to prevent liquid spillage. The mattress absorbs the liquid, which then hurts its longevity. Also, it’s worth noting that you perspire as well; your sweat eventually gets soaked by the mattress, which is not good. It increases the chances of mold and mildew formation. So, ideally, you want to use a mattress protector to protect your mattress. Buy a good quality spill-proof mattress cover, which you can easily find at an affordable cost. Remember, however, to regularly wash the mattress cover.
  • Keep Dust and Dirt Away– Just like furniture, your mattress attracts dust and dirt as well. And if it’s not cleaned, it can become an abode of pollen, dust mites, etc. that can also affect your health. This is why cleaning your mattress regularly should be a priority for you. Now, of course, you can’t throw your mattress to wash. But you can use a vacuum cleaner to take off the dirt and dust from the mattress. It’s recommended that you vacuum clean your mattress at least once every month.
  • Turn and Rotate It– Make it a habit to rotate and turn your mattress every 3 months. It is one of the essentials of memory foam care. This will prevent the bed from sagging and will enhance the performance and durability of the mattress.
  • Don’t Sit on The Edges– Beds aren’t recliner or sofa. The mattresses are aimed at offering support to your whole body during sleep. When you sit on the edge of the mattress, it hurts its contour, eventually hurting its built and overall capabilities. So, make sure to not sit on the edges of your mattress.
  • Take Hands of Professionals– At times, DIY steps may not be sufficient. So, you should hire a professional mattress cleaning services provider. These experts know how to resolve any problem with mattresses. Plus, they use the best products in the maintenance and repairing of the mattress, like using a special cleaning solution to remove stains. So, periodically, hire these professionals and let them give your mattress a new life.

Contrary to the popular belief, caring for your mattress isn’t as tedious. Basic steps on your end can ensure the mattress lasts much longer and delivers the same quality and performance even after years. Another benefit of keeping proper care of your memory foam mattress is your own health. A clean and looked-after mattress can ensure you’re healthy and untouched from common health problems that result from a poor quality mattress that’s unclean.

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