Buying Mattress Online the “Modern” Way: How to

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Want to buy a mattress online? This process entails much more than just finding a mattress that fits your budget. Especially if you want maximum comfort (and good orthopedic health), you need to spend more time and energy looking at the new-age mattresses that incorporate innovative technologies.

There are plenty of factors you should consider other than just the mattress’s price, built material, and how soft or firm it is. Here are three things to look for in a mattress:

  • MultiZone Support

Different parts of your body have different needs. For instance, your shoulders are much heavier than your feet. So, the shoulder ideally requires a soft surface. In contrast, your feet are lighter and need a firm surface. MultiSupport technology plays a big role here. 

MultiZone mattresses are designed distinctly to provide different levels of support to different parts of the body. They have multiple “zones” that are tailored to provide maximum support to different body parts. These mattresses are highly recommended for those with orthopedic problems.

  • AirFlow Technology

Sleeping on the mattress in the same position can heat up that surface you’re lying on. This adds inconvenience and discomfort for you. AirFlow technology is a modern solution for this. The technology, in a way, helps mattresses breathe.

The foams include microcapsules that absorb body heat and then release that heat away from the body with this technology. So, the airflow mattresses ensure you remain cool and comfortable throughout your sleep.

  • BioCrystal Technology

Everyone is stressed in their life for one reason or another. While sleeping helps with stress, comfortable sleep is what you need for maximum benefit. And this is what BioCrystal technology in mattresses helps with. It is a scientifically proven stress relief technology.

BioCrystal helps relax muscles, decrease muscle tension, calm heartbeat and improve oxygen absorption. These subsequently improve the quality of sleep and thereby reduce stress. Many doctors now recommend biocrystal technology mattresses.

Final Words

Among others, these are three key factors that you must consider when you buy a mattress online. Attend the little details and look for features that make the mattress even more comfortable and luxurious.

At GetRest, we offer a range of different types of mattresses that incorporate multi-zone support, airflow and biocrystal technologies. Browse through our collection and buy the best mattress that checks all the right boxes. In addition, GetRest offers a 100-night trial as well as a 10-year warranty. To know more about our offerings, please contact us,

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