Why is Safe Baby Mattresses Important for Toddlers?

safe bedding options for babies

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Babies are a bundle of joy. They bring peace, happiness and a permanent smile to the face of the family members. However, they are a big responsibility. With the arrival of the baby, the new parents are burdened with innumerable responsibilities. Among them, selecting safe bedding options is of primary concern.
A newborn’s body structure is not completely developed. The bones are soft and brittle. It takes time for a newborn to get stronger. Hence, during the initial days, new parents have to be very careful about where the babies sleep. Hence try out the best luxury baby mattress in India if you’re blessed with a little child.
They are precious, and hence everything you purchase for them must be the best!

Importance of safe bedding options for babies

Many parents are unaware of the dangerous chemicals that are being used nowadays for the production of baby products. Especially when it comes to bedding, chemical reactions can cause allergies and skin damage. Since a baby spends most of its time lying on the crib or the bed, selecting the right material is necessary.
Here’s a list of problems that your baby may develop in the long run if you’re not concerned about the materials that are being used for baby mattresses. Hence enquire well before you make any purchase.
Poor health conditions
Polyurethane is a substance that is commonly used for making baby mattresses. This is a petroleum-based product, and for using the same, it has to be processed with benzene, noxious toxins etc. Hence if you leave your baby exposed to a bedding option where the same is present, then there’s a high chance that later, your baby might develop certain medical conditions. Doctors opine that too much exposure to this substance can cause dizziness, improper lung functions, breathlessness and nausea in small children.
Kidney and cancer issues
PVC is another commonly used material in mattresses. Although the same is used to keep the bed waterproof, however long time usage of these beds can be dangerous for the children. PVC is made with chlorine and petroleum. It also contains cancer-causing carcinogens as a part of its formative substance. This overexposure to such materials affects the kidney and can also cause cancer in certain rare cases. These substances are directly absorbed in the body through the skin. s
Allergic reactions
Many bedding products are known to have chemicals that can cause allergies. A baby will not be able to tell you the problem they are facing. Hence continuous irritation, itching and allergic reaction can take a toll on the mood of the child. They will get cranky. Their sleeping and eating habits will change. Eventually, the health condition will deteriorate as well. Hence use moisture-free bedding options. Also, keep a note of mildew formations so that an allergy doesn’t occur in the body.
At Get Rest, you’ll find the best range of luxury baby mattresses in India. We manufacture copper-infused and water-resistant mattresses that are good for long term baby exposure. We want your baby to have the best night’s sleep; hence we try to make the beddings as comfortable as possible.
Call us and get a consultation from our experts on the type of bedding option you must select.


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